A white wheel on a white background with a Ford 5.0L Coyote engine.

NEW – Fluidampr announces damper for Ford Coyote 5.0L engine

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SPRINGVILLE, NY [September 7, 2023] – Fluidampr announces the release of the new Ford 5.0L Coyote engine performance damper.  Part number 700232 fits 2011+ 5.0L Ford Mustang, F-150 & Crate Engine, $742 MSRP. Link to Coyote Spec. Sheet The Ford 5.0L Coyote engine was developed to compete with modern high-power …

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Run Bandit Run! Competition Series tractor pulling damper

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“The Bandit” Fluidampr recently visited a shop that uses our Competition Series tractor pulling damper on their John Deere pulling tractor. Find out more about Competition Series tractor pulling damper at Click Here Hook’em Up! Located about an hour south of Pittsburg, Pa in the rural community of Vanderbilt is …

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Fluidampr Helps MotoIQ Reduce Engine Vibration

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Check out the latest from our friends at MotoIQ. Their Project FR-S had pretty noticeable engine vibration at 6500 rpm on the track. Mike Kojima of MotoIQ indicated, “We were thinking that the crank had torsional vibration that the supercharger was amplifying making the vibration more noticeable.”  After speaking with …

A Dark Grey Disc Fitter to a Black Disc With Screws

LS Engine Harmonic Balancer – How To Choose

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LS Engine Harmonic Balancers Choosing the correct Fluidampr upgrade for your LS engine harmonic balancer can be overwhelming.  Here we’ll simplify the process and provide easy do-it-yourself steps to help you decide. There are three main OEM designs of LS harmonic balancers.  Each differs with the pulley offset to drive …

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EPARTRADE – Race Industry Now. Vibration Control, Engine and Driveshaft.

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Miss the live broadcast of EPARTRADE.com’s Race Industry Now episode on ‘Vibration Control, Engine and Driveshaft’? Watch it here: Featuring: Aaron Neyman, Vibration Control Manager.  Vibratech TVD. Brian LeBarron, Marketing Manager. Fluidampr. Greg Frick, President. Inland Empire Driveline Service Hosted by Brad Gillie from SiriusXM ch90, Late Shift.