Fluidampr Nissan RB20DET

NEW – Fluidampr Releases Nissan RB25 DET Non NEO R33 Performance Damper for Skyline

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SPRINGVILLE, NY [July 11, 2023] –  Fluidampr has released the all new Nissan RB25 DET Non Neo R33 engine performance damper. Part number 610931 fits Nissan Skyline RB25 R33 Non Neo, $557 MSRP. Link to Nissan Product Page “We’ve seen a continued rise in customer requests for these classic Nissan …

MotoIQ Reduce Engine Vibration banner

Fluidampr Helps MotoIQ Reduce Engine Vibration

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Check out the latest from our friends at MotoIQ. Their Project FR-S had pretty noticeable engine vibration at 6500 rpm on the track. Mike Kojima of MotoIQ indicated, “We were thinking that the crank had torsional vibration that the supercharger was amplifying making the vibration more noticeable.”  After speaking with …

Fluidampr - 840811 - Toyota 2JZ 15 percent Underdrive

Fluidampr Releases Toyota 2JZ 15% Underdrive Damper

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SPRINGVILLE, NY [January 25, 2020] – Fluidampr announces the release of a new 15% underdrive damper for the popular Toyota 2JZ engine.  Part number 840811.  $512.00 MSRP. “The Toyota 2JZ engine continues to be a favorite amongst racers,” says project lead, Nick Orefice.  “At their request, and of their engine …