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Last month [EngineLabs.com] opened up their email inbox to your questions for the harmonic damper experts at Fluidampr. You guys didn’t disappoint, sending in questions that actually brought praise from the Fluidampr tech team. They returned the favor, by providing detailed, in-depth replies, from a number of the team, including …

About Harmonic Dampers

PRI Magazine – Tech Update: Harmonic Dampers

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  PRI Magazine reached out to Fluidampr to educate the industry on why a harmonic damper upgrade is an essential building block for high performance engines. Featured in the Tech Update column, the article answers basics, such as: What does it do? Why do you need it? When to upgrade?  …

EngineLabs | Balanced Horsepower: Why OEM Harmonic Balancers Aren’t Enough

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By Brian Wagner Published by enginelabs.com If you’re modifying your engine, then upgrading to a Fluidampr performance damper needs to be on your list of must-have performance parts.  Fluidampr’s Nick Orefice (Tech Support) and Brian LeBarron (Marketing) explain why in EngineLabs latest article, Balanced Horsepower: Why OEM Harmonic Balancers Aren’t …

Balancing Your Big Block Right With Tips From Fluidampr

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By Brian Wagner DRAGZINE.COM There’s nothing like the sound or power a large displacement engine can make, the throaty tone is unmistakable and so are the fast elapsed times they can produce. Part of having a happy big block is making sure the rotating assembly is balanced correctly with the …

Liquid Engineering: Stopping Torsional Vibrations With Fluidampr

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By Scott Parkhurst Published by enginelabs.com In the mid-2000s, before Formula 1 adopted engine speed limits (and then later, hybrid engines), the Cosworth CA 2.4L flat-plane crank V8 achieved an incredible 20,000 rpm on the track. It was reported that crankpin loading reached 13,088 pounds. To control vibration forces at …