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Run Bandit Run! Competition Series tractor pulling damper

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“The Bandit” Fluidampr recently visited a shop that uses our Competition Series tractor pulling damper on their John Deere pulling tractor. Find out more about Competition Series tractor pulling damper at Click Here Hook’em Up! Located about an hour south of Pittsburg, Pa in the rural community of Vanderbilt is …

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Fluidampr Helps MotoIQ Reduce Engine Vibration

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Check out the latest from our friends at MotoIQ. Their Project FR-S had pretty noticeable engine vibration at 6500 rpm on the track. Mike Kojima of MotoIQ indicated, “We were thinking that the crank had torsional vibration that the supercharger was amplifying making the vibration more noticeable.”  After speaking with … - Ask The Experts - Fluidampr – Ask The Experts

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Last month [] opened up their email inbox to your questions for the harmonic damper experts at Fluidampr. You guys didn’t disappoint, sending in questions that actually brought praise from the Fluidampr tech team. They returned the favor, by providing detailed, in-depth replies, from a number of the team, including …

About Harmonic Dampers

PRI Magazine – Tech Update: Harmonic Dampers

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  PRI Magazine reached out to Fluidampr to educate the industry on why a harmonic damper upgrade is an essential building block for high performance engines. Featured in the Tech Update column, the article answers basics, such as: What does it do? Why do you need it? When to upgrade?  …