Fluidampr Welcomes Nick Orefice To Customer Service Team

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Join us in welcoming Nick Orefice to our customer service team. Nick brings over 12 years of professional service technician experience.  Including both Fluidampr and Vibratech TVD Heavy-Duty damper installations across a wide variety of applications. Nick also has a background in machining, fabricating, welding and heavy equipment operation. “We …

Engine vibration. Torsional vibration measurement.

Torsional Vibration Solutions At AETC

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Fluidampr is a proud sponsor of the upcoming Advanced Engineering Technology Conference (AETC).  AETC provides engine builders the opportunity to learn first-hand from industry leaders, engineers and manufacturers.  Select guest speakers include: Jon Kasse. Jon Kaase Race Engines. Ed Pink. Ed Pinks Garage. Sonny Leonard. Sonny’s Racing Engines. Keith Dorton. Automotive …

Fluidampr Installed in Subaru BRZ Build

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LA Sleeve’s Subaru BRZ Build Part:2 In part one of the LA Sleeve BRZ demo car build, we upgraded the suspension and brake systems to complement the planned power increase. In the interest of high-speed handling and maneuverability, we adjusted the ride height to keep the car’s center of gravity …

Fluidampr Performance Diesel Damper Installation Kits

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SPRINGVILLE, NY [Nov. 21, 2017] – Champion diesel engine builders continue to push new records using a Fluidampr Performance Diesel damper. To exceed their requests to provide the industry’s leading damper, Fluidampr proudly offers new hardware kits and installation recommendations to further achieve long term performance and durability. These kits …

Fluidampr Professional Harmonic Damper Puller / Installer

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SPRINGVILLE, NY [Nov. 21, 2017] – Proper harmonic balancer removal and press-fit installation is critical to quality craftsmanship. Fluidampr proudly announces a new Professional Harmonic Damper Puller / Installer tool kit. Suitable for long term daily engine builder and service center use. The puller features a premium bushing and pivot …

Fluidampr Updates Two Popular Cummins Applications

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SPRINGVILLE, NY [Oct. 17, 2017] – Fluidampr® announces updates to two popular Performance Diesel dampers for Cummins® applications. Revisions affect part numbers 920301 and 920321 for 2003-2009 5.9L, and 2007.5-present 6.7L Cummins engines respectively. Both feature a new tapered outer housing. The improved design allows the accessory drive belt to …