Performance Damper Revision for Toyota 2JZ Engine

Eric Rosolowski News, Product Info

SPRINGVILLE, NY [Feb. 27, 2020] – Fluidampr announces a revision to their popular performance damper for the Toyota 2JZ engine. Part number 840801. The accessory drive pulley is now interchangeable at the request of professional race engine builders. The added flexibility allows owners to make future engine modifications without the need to purchase a new damper.

The updated model comes equipped with a removable stock size, six-rib aluminum serpentine belt pulley. It is secured by three 3/8-24 3/4” socket head fasteners. The change to aluminum results in an almost 1/2 pound overall weight reduction. Underdrive pulleys will be available at a later date.

Three pre-drilled 3/8-24 holes on a 3.2” diameter provide for mandrel and accessory drive configurations.

Finally, a new laser engraving process creates highly detailed and permanent SFI 18.1 serialization, timing marks, and Fluidampr logo.

Currently shipping to quality performance part distributors and retailers.

P/N 840801

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