Fluidampr Unveils Two Performance Diesel Competition Series Dampers

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SPRINGVILLE, NY [June 24, 2020] – Fluidampr announces two new performance diesel competition series crankshaft dampers. Applications are Cummins 5.9L / 6.7L common rail (p/n 980301) and tractor pulling engines with a taper lock hub (p/n 1243101).

Cummins 5.9L / 6.7L Common Rail – Competition Series

Professional truck pullers and drag racers who push the limits demand a Fluidampr Performance Diesel damper for all-out competition. The new Competition Series for Cummins 5.9L / 6.7L Common Rail engines delivers.

At 10-3/32” diameter and 28.8 lbs, the competition damper offers greater damping over the standard Fluidampr performance diesel design. The added mass is strategically located closer to the block by eliminating the accessory drive pulley. A tone wheel is integrated into the damper housing.

The robust steel design is laser welded for superior durability under high torque and horsepower. A lasting wear resistant finish comprises of black zinc chromate, plus laser engraved logo and SFI serial number. The damper meets SFI 18.1 specifications.


  • Damper only. No pulley.
  • Robust one piece construction.
  • Integrated tone wheel.
  • SFI 18.1 spec.

Fluidampr recommends Drill Pin Kit (p/n 300002) and Cummins Full Power Kit (p/n 300008) installation hardware.
Available through quality parts distributors and professional diesel engine builders.


Tractor Pulling – Universal Fit For Taper Lock Hub

Tractor pulling engine builders long favored Fluidampr parent company, Vibratech TVD heavy duty viscous dampers. Fluidampr now takes it further with 35 years of experience developing dampers for professional motorsports. The result is exceptional, long lasting crankshaft vibration control for today’s top Pro Pullers.

In comparison, the new Fluidampr tractor pulling damper surpasses the Vibratech TVD heavy duty damper in competition use. The Fluidampr design meets SFI 18.1 safety specifications for high rpm structural rotational integrity. Inertia mass is roughly 10% greater to optimize vibration control for higher torque. Additional internal components compensate for greater thrust loads. Overall, thicker steel and laser welding the housing creates a single piece design for superior durability for high torque and horsepower.

The damper also features a more robust, 12 bolt on 4.5” b.c. mounting flange. The universal fit design requires a taper lock hub with 3.25” pilot.

Looks as great as it performs. Wear resistant black zinc chromate, plus laser engraved logo, timing marks and SFI serial number finish off the Fluidampr branded design.


  • Robust competition design specifically for tractor pulling.
  • 12 bolt flange for custom mounting.
  • Clockwise and counter-clockwise laser engraved timing marks.
  • SFI 18.1 spec.

Available through quality parts distributors and professional diesel engine builders.